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Research Assistants: Kate Long, Ellen Yang

In the summer of 2022, I worked with two student researchers to explore methods in cultivating mycelium leather in the laboratory. This research stems from an interest in new approaches to bio material cultivation and fabrication for design purposes. In the summer of 2022, we focused mainly on biotextiles.


We experimented with three different species: Pleurotus ostreatus (平菇), Ganoderma lucidum (赤芝), Trametes versicolor (云芝). We also experimented with a variety of different cultivating methods including cloning, agar culturing, and liquid culturing. We were able to successfully grow mycelium leather with Ganoderma lucidum and Trametes versicolor on a small experimental scale. The material is stronger than we anticipated with minor stretch capabilities. 

Research Assistant Ellen Yang (left) & Kate Long (right).jpeg

Research Assistants

Ellen Yang (left), Kate Long (right)

Reichi Leather

Turkey Tail Leather

Lab Cultivation Techniques Used

Reichi, Liquid Culture, Close Up.jpeg
Reichi, Liquid Culture.jpeg

Reichi, LC Growth

Oyster, Agar Culture, Cloning Results, Top.jpeg
Oyster, Agar Culture, Cloning Results, Side.jpeg

Cloning Oyster mushrooms in agar plate.

Oyster, Agar Culture, Top View.jpeg
Oyster, Agar Culture, Side View.jpeg

Oyster mushrooms growth, transfer in agar plate.

Reichi Growth, Agar Culture.jpeg
Reichi, Agar Culture, Close Up Side.jpeg

Reichi growth in agar plate.

Turkey Tale, Agar Culture, Close Up Side.jpeg
Turkey Tale, Agar Culture, Close Up Top.jpeg

Turkey Tail growth in agar plate.

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